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The First Blog

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Welcome to my first blog, readers! Since you've taken your time to click on the link and load this page up onto your screen, I thought the least I could do is be candid.

Never in my life did I think I would really get a book written, let alone published and distributed out there for the world to see - I was never that good with words, I am a slow reader and I never aced at English literature or language! English was in fact, my second language. My mother tongue was Cantonese. My parents were born and bread in Hong Kong, and immigrated over to England in their early twenties. One of my first memories of starting primary school at the age of four, was trying to converse with fellow students at break time in Cantonese and being perplexed when they looked at me as though they didn't understand.

However, my cousin and I will remember fondly that as teenagers, we collaborated together to write a story whereby we would send each other an alternate chapters in the post. Those chapters were either hand written or saved on a floppy disc that is now long lost. How I wished I could revisit what we had written all those years ago, yet I'm just as glad that no one can get their hands on a copy!... Or can they?

It was not until I reached the age of 32, that I chose motherhood and a more creative lifestyle over a career in corporate Architecture. So I rekindled the writing journey during my first maternity leave. I would type in a novel writing app using just my left hand whilst my right held onto my child during her naps. I knew then, that my main character would be an Architect, although this particular one never made it to the final cut.

On New Year's Day 2022, my new year's resolution was to write a book. Those that know me, will know that I never commit myself to anything by halves. On the 2nd of January, I started writing a story about this Architect - version 2.0 and by the middle of that month, I had fourteen thousand words. The words kept coming. I was merely the vessel for them and typed like I was possessed by some sort of writing demon that neglected all of her duties apart from keeping the kids fed. Fast forward to nearly two years on, here I am now, promoting my debut novel, Moat Hill Hall published by Chronos Publishing.

The rest as they say is... well you know what they say it is.

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1 comentário

23 de set. de 2023

I was so thrilled to meet you in Waterstones, Harrogate today! Thank you for signing my book! Wow! A local published author signing books in Waterstones in Harrogate High Street WOW! AMAZING!! I must say how sad it was not to see ANY advertisement of your book launch in the store nor even ONE of your books in the window! How very disappointing Waterstones. I hope you contact other local bookstores where I’m sure you would find an enthusiastic response to your amazing achievement and be thrilled to have you signing books in their shop.

I can’t wait to read your book and wish you every su

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